Detoxifying Australian Clay Powder

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Our signature mask creates luminescent bare skin through a powerful two-fold detoxification process. Our Australian Green Tea Matcha Powder and Olive Green Clay ingredients first detoxify, removing impurities and dirt for a blank canvas. We then harness the powerful effects of rich, anti-aging, and regenerative extracts to replenish your skin. 

size: 40g 

*Mask Powder requires Activators or Activating Mist to Activate. Do not recommend using water to activate the powder as water evaporates skin's hydration which may not deliver the proper result of the powder packs.



Deep cleanses and refines proes

Deep cleanses

and refines pores

Promotes clearer and smoother skin

Promotes clearer

and smoother skin


Gently exfoliates dead skin cells

Gently exfoliates

dead skin cells

Rejuvenates skin with natural antioxidants

Rejuvenates skin with

natural antioxidants



Olive Green Australian Clay

Packed with minerals that balance oil production, Olive Green Australian Clay strengthens the skin, and aids in the repair of any scarring.

Green Tea Matcha Powder

A century old Japanese secret, Green Tea is filled with powerful antioxidants that delays wrinkles and fine lines, prevents premature aging, and treats any damage to the skin.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay removes toxins from your pores, reducing skin inflammation, lightening acne scars, and helping the skin to heal.

Full Ingredient

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*Certified Organic Ingredient  
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