Our Story

Founded by Michelle Chen – a “skincare believer” and anti-aging enthusiast – RARE SkinFuel (RSF) is led by the idea that age is only a number. Seeing herself and other women aging and losing confidence through different life stages gave Michelle the determination to create her own product line to inspire and reassure women – letting them know that makeup is just a cover, true confidence comes from bare beauty, and only RARE SkinFuel gives you the trust to show your bare skin without fear.


Like legendary emperors of ancient times, Michelle is obsessed with immortality. Her compulsion to hold age at bay has culminated in her creation of RARE SkinFuel – a range of 100% Australian-Made skincare products, manufactured in strictly limited quantities with extensive certified organic and native Australian ingredients, through a long and complex heat-free blending procedure, to deliver one-of-a-kind fuel for your skin.


RARE SkinFuel (RSF) is the only skincare range that is proudly made with passion and produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality for anyone who shares the same vision as our Founder – to regain your confidence with profoundly new skin.