Our Difference

In RSF, we believe with the right attitude, right products and right usage, everyone can always look their best, whatever their time of life. Throughout the changing phases of Michelle’s life, she has studied, experimented and consulted with experts to determine how to detoxify, protect and nourish the skin in order to maintain optimal skin quality. Based on this, Michelle has concluded three key principals to achieve the best results:

Selection of the finest botanical extracts and other natural ingredients.

We use only the best nutrient-rich ingredients – Many of them are certified organic – From the unspoiled environment of Australia, with minimum natural preservatives.

The right manufacturing processes to retain the potency of our all-natural products.

Our products are certified Australian-Made and produced in small batches following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to maintain quality.

Correct usage to ensure maximum effectiveness.

We provide usage instructions on our packaging and website, supplemented by tips from Michelle based on her unsurpassed experience and expertise.