Your Summer Essentials

Simply 3 items to complete your skincare routine

Summer Easy Two-Step Set

One 150ml Brightening C Foaming Cleanser and one 15ml Daily Glow Face oil

The natural and powerful cleansing foam can remove excess oil and pore dirt, achieve the balance of water and oil in the skin, and at the same time brighten the skin and fight off signs of aging; following with natural face oil can effectively stimulate collagen regeneration, increase skin elasticity and delay signs of aging, and instantly moisturize the skin.

The original price is HKD$1,460, and NOW is HKD$1,098

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Summer Activating Mask

One 150ml Activating Mist and 30 pieces of silk mask.

Made from high-efficiency moisturizing and anti-aging plant extracts, it can instantly moisturize, soothe and calm the skin, help anti-aging, and penetrate into skin care afterwards.

The original price is HKD$1,280, and NOW is HKD$988

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Summer SOS Skincare Series

One 150ml Brightening C Foaming Cleanser, one 150ml Activating Mist and one 15ml Daily Glow Face Oil

After cleansing the face with powerful cleansing and brightening foam, the essence mist with aloe vera juice and coconut water as the main ingredients for instant and long-lasting moisturizing, and finally only two drops of the most natural but powerful anti-oxidant beauty oil for the skin The protective film can reduce the UV index, and dirt residue on the skin.

The original price is HKD$2,420, and NOW is HKD$1,698

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