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RSF Massage

RARE Aromatherapy Massage

Unwind and de-stress your tired mind and body with our aromatic bespoke treatment. This soothing Swedish massage with medium pressure is paired with our signature aromatherapy and gentle strokes to release muscle tension. Designed to soothe and revive a fatigue body, bringing your body and mind back to harmony.

Deep Tissue Massage 60/90 minutes

Begin with light pressure to warm up your muscle and end with a deep pressure to break down muscle ‘knots’. This massage helps to relieve stress, alleviate pain, treat arthritis, fatigue and depression.

Hot Stone Massage 60/90 minutes

Perfect for the autumn and winter season. A healing and stress-relieving rejuvenation massage using warm volcanic stone as well as aromatic oil and therapeutic stroke.

Indian Head Massage 30 minutes

Relieves tension in your head, neck and shoulder by stimulating blood and lymph. Regular treatment can improve your hair condition.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 60/90 minutes

A gentle massage that reduces toxin and waste from the body by aiding lymph flow.


RSF Signature Facial

RARE Express Facial 30 minutes

A 30 minute perfect pick-me-up when you are on the go. Treatment includes gentle cleansing, lightly exfoliate your skin with our Detoxifying Australian Clay Powder to encourage the regeneration of new skin cells. Choice of Restoring Australian Clay Mask or Nourishing Activator to finish.

RARE Signature Facial 60 minutes

Our 60 minute Signature Facial gives you a new profound skin using our 8 product collection including Revitalizing Cleanser, Detoxifying Australian Clay Mask, Activating Mist, Eye & Lip Illuminating Serum, Age Delaying Serum, Restoring Australian Clay Mask, and finish with Age Delaying Cream and Eye & Lip Contouring Cream. A total 8 step RARE SkinFuel indulgence.

RARE Glorifying Facial 90 minutes

Our 90 minute Glorifying Facial completes the 8 step RARE SkinFuel indulgence using our 8 product collection.  Cleanse, restore and rejuvenate your skin with ultimate RARE skin glow. Service includes additional Crystal Facial Uplifter (Choice of Rose Quartz or Aventurine) Clay Massage.  Neck / Shoulder Massage is included in this treatment.

Signature Gemstone Facial 60 minutes

Made with little beads of jade and rose quartz, the cooling gemstones face mask helps stimulate blood circulation with an instant calming effect. The healing and vibrational energy of the crystals helps reduce puffiness and eliminate toxin.

Eye and Lip Treatment 30 minutes

An all-in-one and long-lasting anti-aging treatment to the eye and lip area. Instantly improves dark circles, reduces puffiness and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.


Other Treatment


Eyelash tinting

Eyelash & eyebrow tinting




Eyebrows/ Upper Lip/ Chin

Full face


Full Leg

Full Arm

Half Leg/ Thigh

Half Arm



*For booking and enquiries, please contact us at 2866 8689 (10:30 - 19:30), or WhatsApp us at 9430 7419.