About Michelle Chen

From My Skin to Yours

Since I was 13 years old I have been obsessed with every kind of skincare product. The market is flooded with these products – some of them extensively advertised – but without trying them yourself, you know nothing about the truth of their claims. Most people read reviews or seek recommendations from friends before they make a purchase, but I genuinely believe that only by trying it on myself can I know if the product should be added to my skincare cabinet for repeated use. 

In every country I visit, the only shops that attract me are skincare shops. I enjoy buying and trying new products, reading the key benefits, studying the ingredients, and accumulating cabinets full of bottles, jars and tubes. To know if the products actually have the claimed benefits, I would finish every product from my collection to give a fair feedback and gain tips from the experience.  I layer different things and mix and match to learn what works best.


I founded RARE SkinFuel (RSF) to share my passion with everyone who shares my experience in searching for products that last, instead of trying new products constantly in the market because of their advertising.  My goal is to create the products I think are most natural but powerful, gentle and suitable for all skin types, and let the skin breathe on its own to eliminate covering skin with heavy layers of foundation.

Through trial and error, I have also developed my own routine and tips for my daily and weekly skincare regimen, skincare for special occasions, and SOS skin intensive care.  With my suggestions for use, I believe users will gradually find they can use less makeup and concealer, displaying a more natural skin tone. Over time they can become confident and empowered in their bare, natural skin, at every stage of their life. 

A personal statement by our founder and CEO Michelle Chen