RARE SkinFuel is different 

Our Technology

Rainwater Harvest System

Rainwater is devoid of the additives often found in tap water, such as chlorine or fluoride. This makes it an ideal choice for organic gardening or for those who prefer to minimize exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Processing Chemicals

The production and use of processing chemicals can lead to pollution of air, water, and soil. Chemical manufacturing processes may release harmful emissions and waste products, which can contaminate ecosystems, disrupt wildlife, and harm human health.

Cellular extraction

Cellular extraction methods often require fewer solvents compared to traditional extraction methods. This reduction in solvent usage helps minimize environmental impact and lowers the risk of solvent residues in the extracted compounds.


Traditional extraction

Traditional extraction methods are often scalable and suitable for large-scale industrial production. They can be easily adapted to handle high volumes of raw materials, making them efficient for commercial extraction purposes.

Ethical Sourcing minimize the harms

优先考虑以环保方式收获或生产的负责任采购的成分。 这包括使用有机、公平贸易和可持续收获的植物来减少对生态系统的影响。

Potential negative impacts of traditional extraction method

Some traditional extraction methods involve clearing or damaging natural habitats to access the desired resources. This can result in deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and destruction of critical ecosystems. It also leads to overharvesting of plant or animal species. Overharvesting can disrupt ecosystems, deplete natural resources, and threaten the survival of certain species.