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Case 1 : in 7 days

Customer : Kathy

Age : 30-35

Skin Type : Dry to Sensitive

After using our Revitalizing Cream Cleanser, her skin level of water & oil is balanced, and generally turned to dry & normal skin type.

Skincare products are now easily absorbed. Less acne and dryness on skin, and to avoid other skin issues occur next.

Case 2 : in 10 days

Customer : Amanda

Age : 44-49

Skin Type : Normal to Dry

Saggin skin due to aging at her40s, loss of elasticity, dryness and dullness are then occurred.

Amanda took our suggested combo - Age Delaying Cream and Daily Glow Face Oil. Ensure the maximum hydrations then moisture for her skin in order to strengthen her skin foundation, balance water & oil level of her skin level, and lock skincare nutrients deeply in underlying skin.