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Empower women to gain confidence through their bare skin without fear. Both skin and mind will be recharged by our highest quality skincare products. 

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Our Technology

Custom Skin Cocktail - Gentle Yet Effective

Natural extracted botanical and marine active ingredients, providing precise and comprehensive skin care effects.

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High Performance Formulas

Gentle yet powerful skincare making of 100% natural ingredients and productions.

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About Michelle Chen

From My Skin to Yours
RSF Founder & CEO Michelle Chen

I enjoy buying and trying new products, reading the key benefits, studying the ingredients, and accumulating cabinets full of bottles. To know if the products actually have the claimed benefits, I would finish every product from my collection to give fair feedback and gain insights from the experience. I layer different things and mix and match to learn what works best.


Naked Skin is the New Makeup

I founded RARE SkinFuel to share my passion with everyone who joins my experience in searching for products that work. Instead of trying new products constantly in the market because of their advertising, my goal is to create the products I think are most natural but also powerful, gentle and suitable for all skin types, letting the skin breathe on its own to eliminate heavy makeup covering.

Why RARE SkinFuel


RARE SkinFuel promotes Skincare Minimalism - Skinimalism. Especially in daily skincare routine, total 6 products in our facial care collection, from Revitalizing Cream Cleanser to Age Delaying Cream, are sufficient for any skin need, and regardless of skin type or skin condition.

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