Our Production

RSF is a Cold-pressed skincare. By obtaining botanical extracts through a new extraction technology – Cellular Extraction, their properties are kept as what they exist in nature. All our handmade products are Australian Manufactured Certified verified by the Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL). RSF products are proved to be genuinely manufactured in Australia and meet the Australian consumer standards. To ensure the finest quality and freshness, we keep our production batches small and with our final products ship directly from Australia to our air-conditioned warehouse.

What is Cold-pressed skincare?

Two-phase procedure is adopted to retain the maximal efficacy of the ingredients.

The Hot Phase binds our cream-based products’ ingredients at up to 70 degrees Celsius in order for the oils and ingredients to properly blend. The Cold-Pressed procedure allots additional time to allow natural cooling down to 30 degrees Celsius so as to preserve the active extracts’ minerals, vitamins and nutrients. This Cold Phase is a hallmark of our pioneering product range that works: natural but powerful, gentle, and suitable for all skin types.