Our Production

The best nutrients offered by nature

Cellular Extraction: The botanical extracts we use in our products are obtained through a new extraction technology which creates an equilibrium between a plant cell and the liquid medium that simulates the cell environment. Unlike traditional methods which degrade the source material, this process diffuses phyto-active compounds into the liquid medium without stressing or degrading the plant's biomatrix, delivering the full plant profile of water soluble or oil soluble phyto-compounds, as they exist in nature – pure, stable, unadulterated with synthetic additives, and active for long periods of time.

We take our time to create products that work, even if this means a longer lead time. We keep our production batches small to ensure the finest quality and freshness possible. The combination of the best ingredients with our unique manufacturing process is what enables us to deliver the highest quality bottles and jars from RSF. 

The process is carried out through a complicated and lengthy two-phase procedure in order to retain the maximal efficacy of our ingredients at all costs. 

  1. Hot Phase: For all cream-based products such as cream cleansers, facial creams and cream activators, we start with the hot phase of the production process. In this standard procedure, the emulsion – the binding component of the product – is cooked up to 70 degrees Celsius in order for the oils and waters to properly blend. 
  1. Cold Phase: In mass production processes for most skincare brands, extracts are added immediately to the emulsion at its 70 degrees Celsius temperature to save time and production costs. However, this essentially destroys the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients within the ingredients that are most vital to our skin. At RARE SkinFuel (RSF), we allow additional time to allow for our emulsion base to naturally cool down to 30 degrees Celsius, a temperature similar to that of the human body, before we blend in our key active ingredients such as our nutrients, peptides, Pentavitin, Aquarich, Marinova, Maritech Fucoidan, and various other Australian Native Extracts.  This lengthened time period for cooling locks in all our vital nutrients, and though it is more costly, ensures that your skin receives the benefit of all ingredients at their maximum potency.

All our products that are not emulsion-based, such as Mists, Serums, Mask Activators, and Mask Clay Powder do not use the cooled down emulsion – instead, everything is freshly extracted and carefully blended by hand in our GMP environment to ensure the highest quality.

We further replace water, which many mass-produced skincare brands use to dilute expensive extracts, with hydrating aloe vera juice and coconut water, so that each and every ingredient serves a distinct purpose in bettering your skin. Adding Aloe Vera juice also neutralizes skin reactions and has a calming effect. This calming effect is scientifically proven for anti-aging products.

Each ingredient in our products is grown, manufactured, and packed in Australia without switching facilities, eliminating the potential risk of product contamination during movement between facilities.  Each bottle, jar, and package is then created and blended by hand with committed care under the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) code, ensuring ultimate cleanliness and sterility.  

Finally, whereas many skincare companies use containers to ship their products in bulk to their target destinations before final outer packaging, we fly our final sealed products directly from Australia to our air conditioned warehouse at higher cost to ensure that transit humidity and high temperatures do not alter the quality and effectiveness of our ingredients. As a result of this costly and time-consuming process, we may only be able to produce highly limited quantities per batch, but we can proudly guarantee that our finished product is made with love, care, and of pristine quality.   


Australian Handmade

Our Origins

RARE SkinFuel products are handmade with heart with all botanic, native ingredients from the pure, pristine, and uncontaminated sources of Australia. 

All our products are Australian Manufacture Certified, which is verified by the Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL) – a widely recognized, not-for-profit public company established in 1999 by the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI) and the network of state and territory chambers of commerce, with the cooperation of the Federal Government. It provides a widely recognized independent certification which verifies that a product is genuinely manufactured in Australia and meets Australian consumer standards.