Remove makeup, Cleanse & Moisturize

Deep Cleanse & Brighten


Combination & Sensitive Skin

Before - Left: Big pores, greasy surface, redness

The water-oil level of the skin is not balanced. Dehydrated area and sebum is not cleanse correctly, causing big pores and dullness from impurities .

After - Right: Brighten skin tone, minimise pores while balancing the skin's water-oil level

Using different cleansers during the day and at night improve the redevelopment of combination skin


Dry Skin

Before - Left: Facial veins, bumps & fine lines

Dehydrated skin due to too much washing & scrubbing; Stay long hours under air conditioning; Only apply water-based products; personal habits

After - Right: Smaller pores, less fine lines & firmed skin

Gentle but powerful, fragrance free cleanser ; apply face oil or serum after cleansing; OR apply alcohol free toner, then cream forms as moisturizer


Combination skin

Before - Left: Bumps & pimples

Wrong skincare applications on different face areas; Too much alcohol-based products from different skincare brands; Too much exfoliation; Lack of moistures

After - Right: Smaller pores, brighter complexion

Gentle & light weight cleanser enough to remove dirts but not ; oil based- serum or cream on cheek; toner on T-zone


Oily Skin

Before - Left: Blemishes, pimples, acnes, greasy surface

Oil and dead skin cells clog pores; Wrong daily skincare application; Sun exposure cause of outdoor workouts 

After - Right: Less breakouts & redness, brighter complexion

Light weight and foam based cleanser control the production of sebum; moisture skin with the ingredient -Aloe vera, light but not too rich

BARE Project - Fall in love with your glowing bare skin

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Not sure about which cleanser or skincare routine fit you the best ?

There are a lot of effective skincare products at the shop.

However ... ...

Q : What could maintain and strengthen your foundation of bare skin ?

A : A healthy and strong bare skin foundation ! 100% natural skincare could definitely help you though it's not fast but wouldn't damage the basis of your bare skin.

Q : Is immediate result more long lasting ?

A : Nope. Skincare products contain of chemicals or artificial fragrance, would reduce the thickness of your bare skin layer, which meant less protection from external impurities. Following the occur of sensitive skin, you could then purchase other products of even a range of skincare due to the instability of how your skin react.

Q : Which step(s) in a skincare routine is/are the most important ?

A : Cleansing, then Moisturising.

Cleansing is the first and basic step of skincare routine. A gentle yet powerful and effective cleanser is very important to ensure your following skincare absorb and work well.

Moisturising is the last step which act like a barrier to lock all nutritious ingredients in your skin.

Tips : It works extremely well with natural face oil during night time for a natural glowing elastic bare skin the next morning.