Bare Project

See how your healthy skin outshines your skin flaws with RARE SkinFuel.

Scroll down to discover how our Brightening C Foaming Cleanser delivers skin glow in ONE week! 


Dry Skin

Before - Left: Facial veins, bumps & fine lines

Dehydrated skin due to too much washing & scrubbing; Stay long hours under air conditioning; Only apply water-based products; personal habits

After - Right: Smaller pores, less fine lines & firmed skin

Gentle but powerful, fragrance free cleanser ; apply face oil or serum after cleansing; OR apply alcohol free toner, then cream forms as moisturizer


Combination skin

Before - Left: Bumps & pimples

Wrong skincare applications on different face areas; Too much alcohol-based products from different skincare brands; Too much exfoliation; Lack of moistures

After - Right: Smaller pores, brighter complexion

Gentle & light weight cleanser enough to remove dirts but not ; oil based- serum or cream on cheek; toner on T-zone


Oily Skin

Before - Left: Blemishes, pimples, acnes, greasy surface

Oil and dead skin cells clog pores; Wrong daily skincare application; Sun exposure cause of outdoor workouts 

After - Right: Less breakouts & redness, brighter complexion

Light weight and foam based cleanser control the production of sebum; moisture skin with the ingredient -Aloe vera, light but not too rich