Tips and Tricks for our Masking Collection

Enjoy our Detoxifying and Restoring Masks by 9 different ways to achieve glowy skin. Mix and match our 2 masks with 4 components for multiple uses.

Use it as Normal Masks

Method 1

Use it as normal masks! Grab a mixing bowl, mix the powder with activator to create a fresh batch of mask. Apply, Dry, Wash off and complete with an instant glow! Stay tuned for the other 9 ways! Follow us for more Tips and Tricks on our IG. Don’t forget to subscribe to our website for our newsletter for information on Home Spa Tips and promotions!


Mix either Powder with either Activator

Method 2

You can mix the powder and activator based on your current skin condition. Use our Nourishing Activator to mix either powder pack in dry days and our Refreshing Activator to mix either powder in oily days. Follow us for more skin tips based on your skin cycle.


Mix for Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

Method 3

Mix our Detoxifying Clay Powder into your Revitalizing Cream Cleanser as an Exfoliating Facial Cleanser to gently scrub off the dullness in the morning for a brighter and revitalised skin. Highly recommended before getting glammed up for occasions.


Ultimate Sleeping Mask

Method 4

Apply our Age Delaying Cream with our Nourishing Activator (From Restoring Australian Clay Mask) as a sleeping mask! Use it this way once to twice a week for a deeper skin rejuvenation. Our Founder’s favorite way before a big day! Extra Tips: Use Detoxifying Australian Clay Mask first as scrub before applying the Nourishing Activator for ultimate skin nutrient penetration.


5 mins instant Skin Balancing Treatment

Method 5

Mix our Restoring Clay Mask Powder with our Activating Mist for a 5 minutes instant skin balancing treatment to control excessive oil reproduction and tame exhausted skin.


Instant Skin Relieve as Cooling Mask

Method 6

Use it as an instant skin reliever! Apply our Refreshing Activator (From Detoxifying Australian Clay Mask) as a cooling mask and a SOS skin pack whenever you feel dehydrated, sunburned, overly sensitive, waxed or post-laser treatment.


Use Nourishing Activator alone as  Instant Moisturizing Mask

Method 7

Use it as an Instant Moisturizing Mask! Use our Nourishing Activator (From Restoring Australian Clay Mask) alone for a cell-regeneration, moisturizing and healing effect. Enjoy revitalising nourishment to your skin at once!


Anti-Inflammation Sheet Mask Solution

Method 8

Mix the Refreshing Activator (From Detoxifying Australian Clay Mask) with our Activating Mist for an anti-inflammation sheet mask solution to hydrate and calm your skin at once!


Method 9

Mix the Restoring Australian Clay Powder (From Restoring Australian Clay Mask) with our Age Delaying Serum and Age Delaying Cream as an Age Delaying Massage Cream for a hydrated, younger and healthier skin.