From My Skin to Yours

Since I was 13 years old I have been obsessed with every kind of skincare product. The market is flooded with these products – some of them extensively advertised – but without trying them yourself, you know nothing about the truth of their claims. Most people read reviews or seek recommendations from friends before they make a purchase, but I prefer to use myself as the guinea pig to test the products.

I don’t see you that often, but everytime I see you, your skin is always glowing! 


In every country I visit, the only shops that attract me are skincare shops. I enjoy buying and trying new products, and accumulating cabinets full of bottles and tubes. I layer different things and mix and match to learn what works best. Having made myself somewhat of a “skincare guru”, I founded RARE SkinFuel to share my passion and experience. My goal is to create the products I think are most effective, gentle, and suitable for all skin types and let the skin breathe on its own. 

With my suggestions for use, customers will gradually notice they can use less makeup and concealer, causing less damage to the skin and displaying a more natural skin tone. Over time they will invest less in layers of cover-up and become confident and empowered in their bare, natural skin.


Michelle Chen

Founder and CEO

Michelle Chen-RARE SkinFuel