Our Story

RARE SkinFuel is shaking things up!

Founded by Michelle Chen – a self-proclaimed “skincare believer” and anti-aging enthusiast – RARE SkinFuel (RSF) is led by the idea that age is only a number. Seeing herself and other women aging and losing confidence through different life stages gave Michelle the determination to create her own product line to inspire and reassure women – letting them know that makeup is just a cover, true confidence comes from bare beauty, and only RARE gives you the trust to show your bare skin without fear.

Like legendary emperors of ancient times, Michelle is obsessed with immortality. Her compulsion to hold age at bay has culminated in her creation of RARE SkinFuel – a range of 100% Australian-Made skincare products, manufactured in strictly limited quantities with extensive certified organic and native Australian ingredients, through a long and complex heat-free blending procedure, to deliver one-of-a-kind fuel for your skin.  

RARE Skin Fuel (RSF) is the only skincare range that is proudly made with passion and produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality for anyone who shares the same vision as our Founder – to regain your confidence with profoundly new skin.  


Our Difference

With the right attitude, right products and right usage, anyone can always look at their best, whatever their time of life.

This is the firm conviction of our founder and CEO, Michelle Chen, whose passionate commitment to skincare and the preservation of youthfulness is the driving force behind RARE SkinFuel. Throughout the changing phases of her life, Michelle has studied, experimented, and consulted with experts – from dermatologists to biochemists – to determine how to detoxify, protect and nourish the skin in order to maintain optimum skin quality. 

Based on this, Michelle has concluded that three key principles are vital to achieving the best results:

  1. Selection of the finest botanical extracts and other natural ingredients. We use only the best nutrient-rich ingredients – many of them certified organic – from the unspoiled environment of Australia, with minimum natural preservatives.
  2. The right manufacturing processes to retain the potency of our all-natural products. Our products are certified Australian-Made and produced in small batches following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to maintain quality. We use heat-free blending and we don’t dilute our products with water.
  3. Correct usage to ensure maximum effectiveness. We provide usage instructions on our packaging and website, supplemented by tips from Michelle based on her unsurpassed experience and expertise.


Our Philosophy

Everyone should be able to show their bare skin confidently without fear. 

Our mission is to “reveal, not conceal” true beauty, allowing everyone who uses our skincare products in the recommended sequence, and in accordance with tips from our founder Michelle, to receive the ultimate benefit of youthful vibrancy for their skin.

Our products are handmade with heart in Australia, following GMP guidelines. We use only the best ingredients and minimal additives – with no alcohol or synthetic chemicals – and blend them at low temperatures to maintain their potency. Even the preservatives we use sparingly to maintain our product quality are formulated from natural 100% native botanic extracts sourced from Australia. We further demonstrate our commitment to being cruelty-free and sustainable, with no animal testing in our processes and eco-friendly packaging made with infinitely recyclable PET materials. 



Regardless of age, skin type or skin condition, we want everybody to look their best and feel their best – knowing that our products are made to fuel your skin, while giving you peace of mind in your purchases. 

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