Facial Uplifter

Tips and Tricks for our Facial Uplifter

An Instant Stress Reliever and Mood Changer designed to massage all parts of the face, from the precise eye area to the neck area, fulfil all your need in one Crystal Facial Uplifter. 


De-puff, contour and revitalize your whole face by using different parts of our Facial Uplifter.


Select your favourite crystals: Aventurine – negative emotions and thoughts / Rose Quartz – Heals and Channels love)

Step 1:

Apply facial serum or face oil to clean, dry face and neck to moisturise your skin. 


Step 2:

Glide Facial Uplifter alongalong jawline from chin to earlobe, applying  light pressure (Using Section E) to contour the jaw while facilitating lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness instantly. 


Step 3:

Gliding the Facial Uplifter (Using Section C)  from  cheekbones to the temple , the upward motion helps lifting and stimulating blood circulation, contributing to a plump and radiant skin texture. 


Step 4:

Using Section A, workupward along the nasal and scrape downward on both sides of your nose.


Step 5:

Apply gentle pressure while massaging delicate eye area. ScapeFacial Uplifter (Using Section B) from centre of your forehead outwards. above and  under eyebrow to ease constant headaches.


Step 6:

Glide Facial Uplifter upwards on the centre and scrape both sides of your neck downwards using Section D as the last step to complete lymphatic drainage process and remove toxin.



*Repeat each step up to five times. Do not roll back and forth.

*Special Tip: Put our Facial Uplifter in the refrigerator for 5 -10 minutes for an instant cooling and soothing effect!

Add the above 6 steps to your morning and evening routine and find glowing, tighter and toxin-free skin.