RARE SkinFuel Lane Crawford Popup

Start Off Your Forever Young Skincare Journey

RARE SkinFuel sets up Popup Store at modern beauty paradise in Hong Kong - IFC Lane Crawford, from1st September to 31st October, and presents three exclusive skincare sets, inviting everyone to start the Forever Young skincare journey.

RARE SkinFuel
Lane Crawford Popup Store

Date: 1st Sept - 31st Oct, 2022

Opening Hour: 10am - 9pm

Address: Lane Crawford, Podium 3, IFC Mall, Central

Set 1 / Age Delaying Essential Power Trilogy

Special Price: $3,300 (Original Value: $5,175)

Essential Power Set includes three RARE SkinFuel hero Age Delaying products, and sale at a price of nearly 40% off. Incorporates natural active ingredients and botanical extracts, products are gentle and efficient to minimize the signs of aging, like wrinkles, dullness, sagging or roughness, and provide a significant skin firming and rejuvenating effect.

Power Set Includes:
Revitalizing Cream Cleanser 150ml , Age Delaying Serum 50ml , Age Delaying Cream 50ml

Set 2 / Age Delaying Essential 5-Day Trial Kit

Special Price: $880 (Original Value: $1,398)

The 5-Day Trial
Kit includes a toner and essence-ready Activating Mist, a signature Age
Delaying Serum and Age Delaying cream, products containing powerful and natural active ingredients that enhance skin healthy silky texture and reduce effects of age delaying damages on skin. In just a five-day trial, feel the natural nourishing and rejuvenating power of RARE SkinFuel, and start your age delaying skincare journey.

Trial Kit Includes:
Activating Mist 3ml X 5 packs , Age Delaying Serum 3ml X 5 packs , Age Delaying Cream 3ml X 5 packs

Set 3 / Blend Your Own Mask Kit

Special Price: $1,860 (Original Value: $3,085)


RARE SkinFuel emphasizes on multi-functional properties of our products, letting every skin lover to blend their unique and powerful skincare at any time. Blend Your Own Mask Kit includes two Skin Activators, two Mineral Clay Powder, and a newly developed Silk Cocoon Sheet Mask, allowing users to prepare a refreshing and revitalizing clay mask or a moisturizing and soothing paper mask, according to skin needs and skin conditions. Enjoy the ultimate skin rejuvenating effects brought by RARE SkinFuel’s amazing mask- time!


Kit Includes:
Refreshing Activator 60ml , Nourishing Activator 60ml , Detoxifying Clay Powder 10g X 2 , Restoring Clay Powder 10g X 2 , Silk Cocoon Sheet Mask X 7packs

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