Double Cleansing

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Do you really know how important is double cleansing?


In the morning and evening, every step of the foot cleansing, toning, moisturizing essence and moisturizing cream is done, why does your skin still look dull, uneven and lack luster? The reason is that the pollution and toxins remaining on the surface form a "shading film" on the surface of the skin, which prevents the skin from being breathable and unable to emit its original luster.

In the daily makeup removal process, we only focus on the visible makeup residue and obvious dust particles. It's enough to look clean after you remove your makeup, with little regard for the damage that pollutants can do to your skin. In fact, pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, respirable suspended particles and fine suspended particles in the air are all factors that damage skin cells, accelerate oxidation and aging. In addition, the accumulation of bacteria and dust will not only block the pores, but also cause various inflammations on the surface and underlying layers, so that the skin will be dull and dull, and the skin tone will not be even and clear. Over time, it will weaken the skin's barrier, unable to resist the aggression of the external environment, and become sensitive and fragile.


How to do "Double Cleansing"?

Step 1: Remove surface makeup first 

Whether you need to wear full makeup on weekdays, or just go out with sunscreen, the first step of cleaning must be taken seriously. Wearing a mask all day is hot and sultry, makeup or sunscreen mixed with sweat and oil secretion, plus saliva and breathing water vapor, will hinder the skin's ventilation. Massage the entire surface with about three scoops of Revitalizing Cream Cleanser, which contains coconut oil to dissolve makeup and sunscreen products on the skin's surface. After emulsification with water, rinse off, or wipe off with a cleanser cloth to complete the first step of the makeup removal process, removing makeup, sweat and old dead skin cells from the skin surface.


Step 2: Deep Cleans Pores and Impurities

After a busy day and removing makeup in one step, who doesn't want to take a break? But this step is especially important. Dry skin can be washed directly with water after a one-minute facial massage with a cleanser containing skin care ingredients; oily skin and heavy makeup can be washed with a cleanser. This step allows the ingredients of the oil-soluble cleanser to penetrate deep into the pores, remove the dirt and impurities in the pores, and achieve the effect of thorough cleaning and deep detoxification; during the massage process, the skin can also absorb the nutrients in the cleanser. Revitalizing Cream Cleanser is infused with ylang ylang and sage essential oils for a calming and relaxing scent that enhances the cleansing experience and gives you a spa-like stress-relieving atmosphere at home.

In the last step, spray on a cotton pad with Activating Mist, which has the effect of toning and revitalizing the skin, and then wipe it off in a circular motion. Using the texture of the cotton pad, it deeply cleans the aging keratin, making the skin clear and clear, and exuding the skin's own qualities. of soft gloss.

The ingredients of Revitalizing Cream Cleanser contain excellent antioxidants - coconut oil and camellia oil, which can help the skin to fight the toxins of pollutants while inhibiting the damage of free radicals to cells, delaying skin aging. Coconut oil has small molecules, which can penetrate deep into the pores to dissolve dirt and grime without clogging the pores; the fatty acids in it can moisturize the skin and form a protective layer, so that it can be clean without over-cleaning and drying the skin. Coconut oil, Australia's unique Quandong and Lilly Pilly shrubs all have anti-inflammatory properties, which can relieve inflammation and acne problems; Lilly Pilly shrubs are richer in fruit acid and vitamin C, which can gently exfoliate the skin The dull yellow old keratin on the surface brightens the skin, making the complexion even and radiant, leaving the skin as soft and smooth as after a facial treatment.


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