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In RARE SkinFuel, we believe Bare is RARE.  Our goal is for skinlovers to regain their true confidence through showing off their bare skin without fear. 

Most of us are so afraid to show off our bare skin mainly because unless the skin is flawless, they should be concealed.  The answer is a big no-no.  Always remember that the more you cover, the more you need to cover years down the road. 

Here are some tips we like to share with you on how we can achieve wearing bareskin.

What Bare is RARE means? 

Bare skin is rare to see.  We want skinlovers to finally regain their confidence and be able to show bareskin by using RARE.  It is why we say Bare is RARE.  

We appreciate the beauty of make-up, but we also hope that everyone can appreciate their bare skin by not covering it up. 

#1 Drink Enough Water 

Remind yourself to drink at least 8 cups of water a day. Not only is it good for your health, but also helps to remove the toxins from your skin, giving your skin a natural glow. 

#2 Beauty Sleep

Get yourself a sufficient sleep! Insufficient sleep will bring lots of skin problems: large pores, wrinkles and fine lines and more!  Maintaining 7-9 hours of sleep if you can.  

#3 Choose the Right Products and Don’t Switch Around

Admit it.  We are always looking for something new and something better out there hoping for a miracle to happen to their skin.  

Rule of thumbs - 20% you can achieve from visiting professional service and 80% comes from your home-care routine with the right products.  Similar to achieving your ultimate fitness goal by allocating  20% to the gym and 80% in your kitchen.

Don’t let your skin be the guinea pig in the skincare labs!  Each time you let your skin try a new brand, new formula, you are activating your skin’s sensitivity by adjusting its metabolism to the new products which causes inflammation.  

Skin Inflammation plays a big part in the skin aging process which is why we don’t recommend skinlovers to use products that are made with chemicals or anything synthetic.  

Instead, focus on NATURAL INGREDIENTS only.  Just like any fresh fruits and vegetables, your body doesn’t build antibodies against it.

Find the products that work and don’t change. 

#4 Inner Beauty Reflects to Outer Beauty

Mind Beauty and Soul.  Our Founder Michelle firmly believes your mind relates to your beauty.  Your inner and outer beauty affects your soul.  To create an absolute mind beauty soul, we recommend skinlovers to light up a Palo Santo Stick and smudge away the negative energy and elevate the positive vibe.

Palo santo translates to “holy wood.” It will purify but also add good energy. The smell is quite sweet, so it also leaves a very uplifting vibe. 

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