Restoring Australian Clay Mask

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One of our signature masks, our Restoring Australia Clay Mask restores and rejuvenates skin that is dull and tired from a lack of sleep, sun damage, or the buildup of impurities. Ivory Australian Clay and Pastel Pink Australian Clay are some of the finest natural ingredients available to infuse the skin with moisturizing, soothing, and anti-aging minerals for visible refreshed radiance.

size: 40g 

The powerhouse concoction behind revitalizing nourishment, the Nourishing Activator packs a punch with the power of over a dozen other natural ingredients. Allantoin is one of the most diverse ingredients in the skincare industry for its moisturizing, cell-regenerating, healing, and protecting properties on the skin.

size: 60mL



Reverses signs of aging

Reverses signs

of aging

Revives natural skin glow

Revives natural

skin glow


Increases skin hydration


skin hydration

Calms and soothes stressed skin

Calms and soothes

stressed skin



Soothes and protects skin

Soothes and

protects skin

Stimulates new cell growth


new cell growth


Enhances absorption





Pastel Pink Australian Clay

This prime clay improves skin texture and fine lines while toning the skin for a firm, hydrated, and glowing effect. The balanced complexion soothes the most sensitive and irritated skins.

Honey Powder

Honey is a natural antiseptic and antimicrobial ingredient that serves as a powerful defense against inflammation and acne.

Hibiscus Extract Powder

Hibiscus Extract creates fresh and smoother-looking skin by gently removing dead skin, increasing cell turnover, and reducing acne and blemish breakouts.


How to use



Pour the Restoring Australian Clay Powder at your desired amount into a mixing bowl of your choice.  Add the desired amount of Nourishing Activator into the bowl.  Mix the two compounds together until pasty texture.  Ready to apply all over your face.  Safe to use on the Lips. 


  1. What is Dual Activating and Two Compound mask? 

The two compound mask packages the Clay Powder and Mask Activator separately to guarantee a radically more effective product. The potency of our powerhouse ingredients does not weaken during shelf time until you connect the nozzles between both packages to activate your mask. Do this once before first-time use, and the mask can be used multiple times within 3-4 weeks after opening. This package design provides a sealed, clean, and hassle-free way of mixing, minimizing the risk of bacterial contamination, and extending the shelf life of the natural ingredients. 

  1. You only mix once; is it a one-time use mask? 

No. A single mix can be stored and used many times in a month. After mixing the Clay Powder (40g) with Mask Activator (60ml), the mask is at 100 ml volume, which is plenty enough to use 6-8 times within 3-4 weeks. Tightly close the cap and store the mask pouch in the refrigerator or below 25 degrees Celsius to ensure the best quality. 

  1. Will Restoring Mask dry my skin? 

Absolutely not. Our Restoring Australian Clay Mask is designed to be mixed with a very Nourishing Activator which packs a punch with powerful natural ingredients in a rich cream-based texture to soothe, protect skin and stimulate new cell growth. Your clay mask may start to dry before 10 minutes' time is up if you have very dry skin, from which the clay mask can absorb moisture faster than from a healthy and normal skin type. A quick tip is to spray our Activating Mist directly onto the drying mask to rehydrate the mask, lock in the nutrients, and receive the added vitamins from the Activating Mist for optimal results. 

  1. Do I still need Detoxifying Clay Mask before Restoring Australian Clay Mask? 

Yes. For best results, use the Restoring Australian Clay Mask immediately after using the Detoxifying Australian Clay Mask, as the Detoxifying Mask deeply cleanses the skin surface and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. This promotes a clearer skin surface for the Restoring Australian Clay Mask to work its wonders to reverse signs of aging, calm and soothe stressed skin and increase skin hydration to revive natural skin glow. Your skin will appreciate these two masking products when you use them together. We also suggest you use these two masks alternately 2-3 times a week for maintenance. For more Home-Spa tips, please follow us on Instagram @rareskinfuel.

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